I’ve always said short notice is no problem. If you or someone you know needs photography – whether next year or next week, it never hurts to ask.

Recently a short-notice booking made for one of the most memorable sessions of the year.

Many folks plan weddings as much as a year or more in advance. Some could be just a few months, many somewhere in between.

Engagement sessions can obviously be scheduled with some notice, but with many being used to create save the date photos, they’re likely happening soon after or right around the time a date is set.

Ah, but proposals… By design, one half the couple is asking the other who may be completely in the dark, and scheduling is tenuous at best. It’s important to be flexible.

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When T reached out by text, checking the date he planned to pop the question in the Catskills he was so excited he didn’t even introduce himself. We’d pretty much booked the morning and were poised to confirm details by phone when I pointed out I didn’t have a name.

On the call we talked about how he and K met, and how he planned to ask her to marry him and how we’d explain my presence there with cameras near Hunter Mountain.

A week later I was in position nearby but someone from the venue was following a different script and plans went to the wind.

Finger already on the shutter control, I proceeded to capture the event in storybook fashion.

She said yes.

It was beautiful.

There’s one moment, captured in a photo of K looking at the camera, where she seems to be asking herself “Where did he come from?” Though they later said she’d seen me from the dining room over breakfast.

From Hotel Mountain Brook in Tannersville New York, T and K followed me to Kaaterskill Falls for more photos – having been blessed with unexpectedly glorious weather.

We cautiously made it across remaining icy patches to a recently-built overlook platform. There we enjoyed a little mid-December privacy before heading back to the cars with more photos along the way.

I’ve said in the past I love intimate affairs and small weddings, where there’s a chance to get to know the subjects.

Being invited back or referred to future clients is a sign we’ve made a connection beyond a mere business transaction.

For me, meeting great people and telling their stories in photos, video or words has always been the goal. If it weren’t perhaps I’d stick to strictly photographing landscapes and exclusively writing poetry.


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