Proposal Photographer at Onteora The Mountain House

Engagements may be planned, proposals too, but they often seem spontaneous. When one is preparing to ask another to marry, often only the one knows when or where that question will pop even if the other knows the proposal is coming. Wrapping my head around certain aspects of this is harder than for others. I … Continue reading Proposal Photographer at Onteora The Mountain House

Save the Date

  It’s engagement season folks - and that means you’re getting married! Congratulations!! I guess there are two basic approaches: Nailing down the date shortly after somebody pops the question and somebody else says ‘I do.’ Loving the feeling of knowing it’s going to happen but not rushing to decide when. I’ve known couples that … Continue reading Save the Date

In Like A Lion?

March has arrived, and with it another half foot of snow expected. I’ve been keeping somewhat busy with editorial photography, accompanying work I write for various magazines, journals and newspapers – but I’m looking ahead to the season of celebrations ahead – the weddings, the parties – you know what I mean. I’ve been talking … Continue reading In Like A Lion?