You don’t want your wedding video to resemble a cheesy music montage, right?

For over two decades, I’ve captured a wide range of subjects with video worth watching.

I have also worked on independent and feature films in capacities running the gamut from general assistant to set design and special effects. For Broadcast, I have handled cameras, switchers, soundboards, lighting, production management, logistics and just about everything else.

You can feel confident when putting my energy and enthusiasm to work on set (or at your big event!) that well-rounded experience is at hand.

You can watch a recent ceremony in two-parts via SmugMug – though their compression for online streaming is a little less than stellar; or check out my youtube channel. Much of the video you’ll find there is conference work – but poke around, there’s some wedding video too!

See Packages for pricing details, or call and we’ll figure out a custom solution.

Email your date to get started; or you can text or call (845) 430 4030

Looking forward to hearing from you.

~ Jonathan Ment