Know some woods

My wife Jen is an avid outdoors enthusiast. One of her ideas of fun is six soggy days camping on an island; another seems to be hiking on days when the wind turns the exposed skin on your face shades of red. I like old movies – in shades of black and white. We both … Continue reading Know some woods

Happiness Shows

I've had the pleasure of continuing to know some of these folks since photographing the wedding. (thank you Facebook) I am constantly thrilled to see they mostly live their lives as they did this moment. Happy. The news of the day is surely a poison pill to swallow, so today - take a moment and … Continue reading Happiness Shows

Christmas in Oct-Ho-Ho-Ho-ber

There’s an old, ‘shuttered,’ roadside resort I drive past with some frequency. Across the street there’s a defunct farm. I don’t know if the two were connected in any way other than proximity. I always want to stop and take a few pictures for the “Rust and Dust” series. Recently I did. (O.k. It was … Continue reading Christmas in Oct-Ho-Ho-Ho-ber