Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer

Jailyn and Justin found Jonathan Ment Photography and reached out like other couples looking for wedding photography. They had visited, looked at my portfolio and affordable rates, and knew we were a match. A few questions and a chat on the phone about their plans, then a review of my simple one-page contract, and … Continue reading Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer

Spillian Wedding Photographer for Debra and Joe in Fleischmanns

There are hundreds of wedding venues in and around the Catskills. Some are big, some are small, each is different. There are barns and farms, catering halls and churches. There are lodges and restaurants. Weddings take place at resorts and rentals - like airbnbs or vrbos. They’re held at mansions and museums and mountaintops. Weddings … Continue reading Spillian Wedding Photographer for Debra and Joe in Fleischmanns

Save the Date

  It’s engagement season folks - and that means you’re getting married! Congratulations!! I guess there are two basic approaches: Nailing down the date shortly after somebody pops the question and somebody else says ‘I do.’ Loving the feeling of knowing it’s going to happen but not rushing to decide when. I’ve known couples that … Continue reading Save the Date

Any Subject, Anytime, Anywhere

Years back when I was getting into the business of still photography, (after years as a videographer and graphic designer) I designed my first ‘brochure’ with the phrase “Any subject, anytime, anywhere.” I included several types of weddings, animals, wine bottles and a sunset. Much like the Ment Media Group as a whole, my photography … Continue reading Any Subject, Anytime, Anywhere