Bringing a fresh and local perspective to photographing you makes a difference you will see in your photos.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been happiest when each working day is at least a little bit different than the day before. I might not last long on an assembly line or behind a counter. The tasks are too similar day after day. The view is the same.

As a photographer, every shoot is unique, along with the location, circumstances, and story that we will capture. Every individual circumstance is just that – individual.

In instances of location, where to choose, I know well the local landscapes, and I can offer to clients looking for specific features, my advice. Once we’re there together, everything other than the geography is new — because of YOU.

During nearly a decade on staff at a daily newspaper, the best days were those when I was out of the office on the road. I covered stories across four counties, mainly, including Ulster County, Greene County, Dutchess County and Columbia County. I traveled to farms and factories, parks, peaks and places most folks don’t get to go.

Honestly I’ve probably forgotten a fair share of them, but sometimes when out with my camera gear I’m not sure if it’s déjà vu or a return to a place that I had previously embraced.

In the Catskills, it’s not uncommon for properties to change hands. So if I’ve photographed folks at the former Thompson House in Windham, I might recognize the surrounding landscape when working at what is now Wylder.

When I booked for proposal photography at the Urban Cowboy Lodge, I was 100 percent certain I’d never been to that business but not that I’d never taken pictures on the property.

Knowing what opportunities exist in a location can be helpful with proposal photography and engagement sessions, but also with weddings, reunions, portraits or just about anything other than real estate photography – though the setting is also important.

When working in a new location I like to scout it ahead of time or at least arrive early enough to assess the potential that might exist.

But you and yours should be center stage. You are the reason we’re there. It’s not the incredible waterfall behind you, a majestic stone church in the background or the White Cliffs of Dover, for that matter.

The scenery is supplemental to the magic, the beauty and the promise that you bring to it.

It’s there to set the stage for what is about to happen, if you’re proposing, or perhaps to elevate and celebrate!

Let’s capture the emotion that will eclipse those views for your big announcement.

Then let’s meet again to photograph your wedding day!

Reach out when you’re ready to ask , or the two of you are ready to share your exciting news.

Thanks as always for reading!

Jonathan Ment

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