Christmas in Oct-Ho-Ho-Ho-ber

There’s an old, ‘shuttered,’ roadside resort I drive past with some frequency. Across the street there’s a defunct farm. I don’t know if the two were connected in any way other than proximity. I always want to stop and take a few pictures for the “Rust and Dust” series. Recently I did. (O.k. It was … Continue reading Christmas in Oct-Ho-Ho-Ho-ber

Location, Location, Location

Nope, this isn’t a post about real estate… A while back the email in-box chimed with an inquiry about a wedding in Verona, NY. I know the town, somewhat; principally its most notable tenant – the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. In fact, that’s where the event was to be held. I didn’t get the … Continue reading Location, Location, Location

Peeling Back the Layers

I’ve been driving past this barn, studying the damage to the roof, thinking – it’s like some giant thing peeled it back. 'I've got to take some photos.' Then I had a dream the ‘peeled sections’ had been removed and repaired. So, the next day stopped the car - and  I finally took some photos. … Continue reading Peeling Back the Layers