Guiding You Through Your Proposal … Photography

Occasionally I mention in conversation that I attend more weddings than a lot of folks – makes sense when you consider that I am a wedding photographer. The same goes for proposals – I photograph a good number of them each year. For many, that special moment when the question is asked and answered, will … Continue reading Guiding You Through Your Proposal … Photography

Wedding Show Pros and Cons

Jonathan Ment Photography the lone photographer at a wedding show held at Belleayre Mountain in 2022. Where does the time go? It feels almost like last week, but several months are in the rearview mirror. Last November, I displayed some sample work at the state-owned Belleayre Mountain ski area and chatted with a number of … Continue reading Wedding Show Pros and Cons

Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer

Jailyn and Justin found Jonathan Ment Photography and reached out like other couples looking for wedding photography. They had visited, looked at my portfolio and affordable rates, and knew we were a match. A few questions and a chat on the phone about their plans, then a review of my simple one-page contract, and … Continue reading Binghamton Area Wedding Photographer