It took me years to visit for the first time, and a convenient platform overlooking the falls was in place when I arrived, but now it seems Kaaterskill Falls is a spot I visit more and more often.

Maps will tell you it’s in Palenville. Locals might say Haines Falls or even Tannersville, but the falls are generally a mountaintop destination in the Hunter area, or the area of Hunter Mountain.

Sometimes a visit to the falls is for fun. More often than not, it’s professional – but even then, it’s a pleasure. When someone plans to propose overlooking the falls and wants the moment photographed, that’s where I step in. Or trek in, as the case may be.

Most recently it was for Jarold, who contemplated a few different scenarios for his proposal to Genesis. The two were visiting Hunter for a little novice skiing or snowboarding and snow was definitely to be part of the equation.

Jarold had a plan for how he would put his future fiancé in position for me to best capture her reaction – and it was a new one for me.

I would be hanging around, photographing the falls and therefore, ready to photograph the proposal.

I’ve been in this position before and it’s less obvious something’s up when there are others on or around the platform.

This time, it was only me. A few folks had come and gone by the time this beautiful couple made their way to me – and it seemed natural to be a little chatty.

We laughed about it and talked a little more while he put his plan in motion.

Apparently, the trip had been filled with moments like this.

We had mapped out a plan for Jarold’s proposal, so everyone was pretty much where they were supposed to be when as he put it, he’d be down on one knee and ‘bam, pop the question.’

Genesis said ‘yes,’ and was genuinely surprised, as she’d thought Jarold might ask on this trip and even shared a photo of her lonely ring finger with family – but by the third day, was convinced they were actually sticking to a schedule to adopt a puppy.

No puppy this trip. BUT, with ring now on finger, while I captured some candid photos of the couple, we stopped for a few more posed portraits on the way back to our cars.

Another beautiful day for Jonathan Ment Photography, which began with my posting a photograph captioned ‘This morning’s office’ in the metaverse.

Have I mentioned I love my work? You’re the reason.

Planning to propose (National Proposal Day is apparently March 20th)?

Need engagement or save the date photos?

Planning a wedding and want to talk about photography for the main event?

Reach out. You can email or text me to get started, or even dial the phone.

Thanks as always for reading!

Jonathan Ment

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