Some photographers have a narrow niche. I have a friend in the Windham Area of Upstate New York, in the Catskills, whose known for his landscape photography. He’s a different sort of an artist. He sells artful prints of waterfalls.

Some photograph wildlife (my sister, in fact) waiting patiently for a bird’s perfect pose beside the picture perfect posy. They publish in magazines or in memes or simply share for pleasure.

Some photograph food, adding that dewy drop of glycerin for the perfect shot for a menu or catalog. The same goes for wedding (only) photographers. The list goes on…

Years ago in an early promotional piece for Jonathan Ment Photography I included the phrase “Any Subject, Anytime, Anywhere.” The printed piece included a woodsy wedding; pet portraiture; a classic car pulling cans through the city of Hudson following a riverside wedding; a sunset and more.

I really do enjoy the diversity of what I do. It keeps me sharp, interested, excited! About the next call (or text.) .

Recently, after a fantastic month that saw my cameras and I out across the region for proposals, family reunions, and anniversaries I caught my breath to consider what was a rather slow month ahead.

Then the messages started pouring in – like April showers. Family photos, a proposal, a property for sale, family portraits. Some on very short notice, others months ahead.

Scheduling was surprisingly easy, where we had options. Adding fixed dates to the calendar down the road was similarly smooth.

The hard part, if you could call it that? For a few days there, keeping it all straight!

I have always been almost a one-man show. Sometimes I bring a second professional along for an add-on, like video of the ceremony or photography in two locations at once, but I prefer to handle it all personally where possible.

I’ve never needed a secretary, and I wouldn’t want to put another person in the position of answering my phone and questions intended for me.

When you hire Jonathan Ment Photography, you’re getting Jonathan Ment.

You deserve my experience from years of photographing:

Any subject … Anytime … Anywhere.

I don’t think I would have it any other way.

There are a few creative benefits to being as flexible and diverse as I am. Major among them, is avoiding any sort of rut. Over the years I’ve encountered other photographers at events where I was shooting video, or videographers or DJs where I was the photographer. On occasion, those other providers were less than enthusiastic about the event of the day. It’s understandable. If you did the same thing every weekend for seven months out of each year, it might seem familiar, comfortable- … maybe too comfortable.

For me, diversity really is the spice of life. Love the challenge of something new or something I maybe haven’t handled recently.

Up next, little league team photography. Batter up!

Need something photographed? You can email, or text: 845 430 4030 to get started, or even dial that phone to chat! Looking forward to hearing from you.

~ Thanks as always for reading.

Jonathan Ment, Photographer

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