When Joseph reached out about his plans there was no question Jonathan Ment Photography would accept this ‘assignment’ … He would propose to Mia on a fishing trip. When she cast off, he would take a knee behind her, open the box and pop the question.

Once we set the time, there was little to do but wait for the day to arrive and the subjects to reach the Hunter Mountain area – Jewett, from their downstate location. We would meet the next morning.

Among the nice things about fishing, as I understand them, are mornings and evenings are prime time, clouds are fine as fish swim toward the surface and even a drizzle can be a bonus as many species of fish are more active under dark conditions. Clouds are a friend of photography!

There needs to be a plan when I’m around with a camera waiting for the moment to happen, and these can be simple or complex. I suggested I could simply be fishing and mentioned I would borrow a rod. (I have a neighbor who would have been happy to oblige.)

Joseph might have been nervous when he sent a text to the effect ‘I don’t have an extra to lend.’ He suggested I simply photograph nature instead. Simple indeed, but I took it a step farther.

With a pair of binoculars around my neck, I headed to the spot, planning to be in position about half an hour before they were due to walk down – when the first of string of texts rolled in.

“About to head over.”

“There in five,” I replied.

“Driving to pick up some worms/ There in five/(description of car and clothes.)”

That last one was insurance, as I was alone at the fishing hole looking for the bald eagle I would tell them I’d been watching – and I already had a photo of the couple I was waiting for. But you can never be too careful…

Proposals are a big deal. This is the moment when two beautiful people really step off together on the great adventure of life. And we’re not talking about the excitement of planning the wedding that will follow. Yes, of course eventually they will say ‘I do.” There will be anniversaries (I photograph anniversaries, too…) Perhaps they will bring ‘little ones’ in to the world.

That first date is major – perhaps love at first sight, which I firmly believe is real. From there the adventure continues, but this is where it really all starts, or starts to become real.

I was able to greet Mia and Joseph, explaining my presence.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and I told them about “the eagle,” before returning the binoculars to my eyes. They set about the fishing … and Joseph must have been pretty excited because even though Mia was facing the water I don’t think he even threw a glance my way – he just got down on one knee and took out one of those little upholstered boxes that hold the things people love so much!

I started snapping frames, photographing every instant of the proposal and Mia’s reaction. Immediately after, I took some casual planned portraits and, after a few phone calls with nearby family, they arrived to admire the ring and we added group photos to the session as well.

Have I mentioned I love my work? Let’s not miss a moment of your big adventure. Reach out; let’s discuss the details.

You can email, or text: 845 430 4030 to get started, or even dial that phone to chat!

~ Thanks as always for reading.

Jonathan Ment, Photographer

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