There isn’t a lot of ‘repeat business’ in the world of wedding photography.

By design, a once in a lifetime event is supposed to be once in a lifetime. So after the day the couple says “I do,” we don’t always cross paths again for photos.

And then there are the exceptions.

There are referrals of course, and when you’re happy with the photos I take telling friends and family about Jonathan Ment Photography is about the nicest thing you can do. Running into couples I’ve photographed at the weddings of friends and family is always fun.

The first bride I ever photographed booked me many more times in the years that followed, capturing commercial images as her business grew and portraits as the family grew.

I also photographed her sister’s wedding along the way. Among the nicest compliments I have ever received from a father of the bride was from the father of two. He said he wished he had another daughter who’s wedding I could capture.

Recently I was contacted by a bride who’s wedding almost never happened. She and her husband had planned their Catskills event for 2020 and were derailed by Covid-19, like so many other couples.

In fact, miscommunication ahead of our initial meeting had me thinking we would never get together – but we did.

Maria and Gunars enjoyed a beautiful intimate wedding near Windham, NY with clear skies and all the trimmings, even if the venue was in transition at the time.

Fast forward almost one year later and these two motorcyclists were returning to the open roads of Greene County to celebrate their first year of marriage.

Maria had several ideas for photos to mark the event, and sent some screen shots ahead of time.

I surveyed the vicinity around where they would be staying and sent suggestions for serene, picturesque settings that fit the bill.

The shoot was fun for everyone, even light. One wardrobe change midway meant we got to try several poses with variations. To say we were happy with the results is an understatement.

As for miscommunication? Seems to be a thing for the three of us.

Midway though this low-stress session, I spotted a sign on the ground I thought captured their sense of humor and would make a decent prop – but when I suggested using it, it was lost on the couple who didn’t understand what I’d seen. . This did not interrupt or flow and its meaning became clear when I produced it from the bushes..

Planning to mark your first anniversary… or fifth … or 50th with a celebration big or small? Planning a wedding or family reunion?

Let’s talk about photography and get these celebrations going!

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Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Ment

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