New faces and new places are part of what makes my job as a wedding photographer fun. There’s a lot to get done in a short window of time and I enjoy the challenge.

Photographing a couple on the big day is a little like speed dating. We’ve got to get acquainted quickly amidst the hubbub of the formal and informal.

Most weddings consist of the ceremony and reception – large or small, often with the gathering of close family and friends who the couple may see only occasionally. Capturing it all, with that ever-present lens, is Jonathan Ment Photography – striving to be at times inconspicuous and at others the cheerleader whooping everyone into action for some great shots.

Things can move fast on the wedding day.

The officiant has  a job to do and a small window of opportunity to get it done.

The DJ has a list of marks to hit while reading the room and keeping the party moving.

The venue has expectations to meet and a vested interest in meeting them.

The caterer must magically deliver the feast on time and at the right temperature amidst potential chaos.

Capturing it all, the photographer must manage around the various moving parts while not disrupting the flow.

For Colleen and Justin, an easy going couple captured at their early summer wedding, the day practically managed itself thanks to the professionalism of all involved.

That’s great, because sometimes even the best made plans can go sideways.

So, let’s hear about how Justin proposed –  a story shared with me while we were taking group photos.

Justin and Colleen were preparing dinner, and apparently not with love in their eyes having just been through some sort of disagreement, but the plan was in place to propose that night and the foundation was laid.

Salmon was on the menu, I think he said, and the ring was sitting in front of the seasoning.

When she reached for it, she saw right past the ring … and then the double take. The story was fun, as was this couple, whose most interesting and tremendously loving family made for a stimulating afternoon.

The Barn at Powers Pub is a cozy venue with helpful staff and sufficient space to host a wedding of this size or even a bit larger.

Outside, within walking distance, a weeping willow tree offers a backdrop the staff recommends and many couples embrace coupledwith easy on-off access to the interstate! I look forward to photographing my next event there.

Planning a little magic for your big day? Let’s chat.

Oh, and here’s the sunset I captured driving home after this wedding. I stopped to photograph it and sent a few versions along to Colleen and Justin since it was their day.

Thank you for reading,

Jonathan Ment Photography.

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