Jailyn and Justin found Jonathan Ment Photography and reached out like other couples looking for wedding photography.

They had visited catskillsphotographer.com, looked at my portfolio and affordable rates, and knew we were a match.

A few questions and a chat on the phone about their plans, then a review of my simple one-page contract, and we were booked.

That was last year, and we checked in a couple of times ahead of their late spring wedding this year. We never met face to face until their wedding day arrived, which isn’t uncommon.

Finally the big day was here and long-distance acquaintances became friends. It is great when an easy rapport develops quickly between the bride and groom and myself. In no time at all, inside jokes help keep the mood light through what has the potential to be a stressful day.

We connected early on, and I feel confident these two knew I had their back.

The Endicott Visitors Center is a combination museum and event space, where the staff was simply awesome in accommodating our wedding party for photos outside and within.

Steve Patrick the DJ, who doubled as officiant, was a consummate professional and pleasure to work with. There were few moving parts and with each of us service providers understanding the needs of ‘production,’ we made a perfect working team.

I always strive to work seamlessly with the other professionals present, making sure a wedding is as near to perfect as possible, but this was the first time I recall encountering a two-for-one on location. That is unless you count the venue-owner-officiant at A Wedding in the Country.

It’s always fun photographing new people, whether we start with proposal photography as I’ve done a number of times this year, or engagement photos – or as was the case with Jailyn and Justin the wedding itself.

Sometimes, it’s photos for an anniversary where the couple and I have already met a few times – including their wedding day.

Whatever the reasons you’re looking for a photographer, I hope we get the chance to communicate about what you have in mind. Sometimes it’s an email, or a text. Occasionally the phone simply rings. Whatever works for you.

Need family photos? First Anniversary pics? Proposal, engagement or wedding photography? Let’s talk!

Thanks for stopping by!

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