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It is not unusual for couples planning a wedding in Upstate New York or the Catskills to find me, that’s what I do. I photograph weddings throughout NY state and beyond.

I always feel it is a bit of an honor when I’m selected to capture these special days in photographs. That’s not just because there are others out there looking for the same sort of photography work but because it gives me a chance to serve as a sort of ambassador for the region.

Sometimes it is as simple as recommending a good florist, disc jockey, officiant, or something else – sometimes as simple as a spot to eat, a special site to visit, etc.

Simply put, I enjoy sharing my love of the region with folks that are planning a wedding and who are either new to the area or have been away a long time and are coming back to celebrate their I Dos with family and friends.

When Jennifer and John reached out for their wedding near Saratoga Springs, I learned they had some roots in the area but none that could recommend a photographer.

This small wedding would be simple, I was assured. There would be a short ceremony followed by a reception on site. The venue, I learned, has been hosting this sort of event for 30 years or more.

“We’re easy going,” is something I hear often. It’s often the case, but just because a couple isn’t anticipating problems or can handle any that arise, doesn’t mean I can view my role any less critically. Of course, this professionalism is delivered with a smile and my easy-going style.

You and the rest of the wedding party can improvise as much as you like. I’m there to pay attention, respond, aim a camera and capture the little and big moments.

Photographing your wedding is serious work.

For this small wedding, little details like the groom’s shoes were overlooked, and engineer boots substituted. No worries, they looked fine and the couple does ride.

A bouquet was needed and Jennifer’s maid of honor turned out to be the most capable floral arranger I’ve seen in action, working with a few basic bits and what could be harvested from their surroundings.

The chapel, with the unusual name, is quite traditional. We captured beautiful photos. Afterward, Jennifer left a beautiful review on Wedding Wire letting me know they were thrilled to have me as their photographer and thought the photos were amazing.

We all know there aren’t really any ‘retakes’ at a wedding. Theyare not movie sets.

There’s generally just one opportunity to get many of the photos right.

When I start thinking along these lines I’m reminded of the couple that tried to negotiate a bargain basement price with the added enticement of an ‘open bar.’

Forgetting the fact that I don’t drink more than the occasional champagne toast for good luck, I have to laugh that people think this way.

I remember saying ‘do you really want to save a few dollars in exchange for a tipsy photographer?’ I believe I did, in fact, photograph that wedding. Sometimes these distinct memories eclipse other details, but if I did, I’m sure we customized a simple package that worked for them and I received referrals from them in the years that followed.

Looking for an easy-going photographer that knows the little details matter? Let’s chat.

Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Ment

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