Engagement season – those months that begin with the winter holidays and end after Cupid empties his quiver and the maple sap starts running, is a busy season for photographers.

While I’ve enjoyed photographing a handful of winter weddings, it is proposal photography and engagement sessions that seem to fill more of my calendar this time of year.

Joining the exclusive club of those who know a proposal is imminent is great. I figure there’s the one asking, the jeweler, perhaps the venue and possibly select family and friends.

Carved by Casey Tait outside of Last Chance Cheese and Antiques in Tannersville

I’ve written in the past about the need to keep communication to a minimum, especially as the day draws near. I never want to be the one to blow the surprise with an errant text message.

There isn’t too much you can do to prepare for the moment – perhaps have a plan or ruse, or at least a solid agreement on location and time to be in position and ready. Currently, details for my upcoming shoot are still scant as I wait for them to be secreted my way.

BUT I’m always thinking visually and ready to capture the image when opportunity strikes.

Years ago I took a walk purely for the purpose of photographing the snow near Ment Ranch, and this week, once again, I seized the opportunity to capture several unique shots. It was a particularly heavy wet snow, probably just south of freezing, and I found the way it clung to branches quite beautiful.

I let my mind wander and spotted magical winding roads, monster claws, and eventually, in a worlds collide moment, a cathedral beneath a mighty evergreen.

The snow had weighed the largest branches of  the tree down almost to the ground and as I entered through a gap I thought ‘this would be a beautiful place to propose.’

They say every snowflake is one of a kind and I’ve always said every couple is one of a kind. So if you’re looking for a photographer who will treat you like the amazing subject you are, not part of an assembly line where stock images are mechanically captured night after night, let’s talk.

Thank you for reading,

Jonathan Ment

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