I’m fairly certain that over the years I’ve been photographing couples – whether for save the date cards or engagement sessions, proposals, or on their wedding day, I’ve not previously done a session on Valentine’s Day. Until this year, that is.

I communicate with couples however they find convenient. Years ago, that meant more in-person meetings, but lately, text is pretty common. Many still email, and the slower pace of that form of communication lends itself to less confusion – but not always.

Leading up to February 14, I exchanged a number of emails with potential new client Christina about availability, cost and time. We discussed locations, and she was drawn to a spot in Tannersville.

Not year-round to the mountaintop but an occasional visitor, she described landmarks differently than I was accustomed to but eventually, we were on the same page and met with her fiancé Michael near the “Huckleberry Trail,” better known as the Tannersville Path.

I guess I shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit that I’ve been aware of the multiuse trail since it was cut, but I’ve never explored it. Thanks to these two, I have finally seen at least a little bit – and I like what I saw there.

That goes for the trail and for this totally in-love couple.

Christina and Michael knew the sorts of photos they wanted, and work in my portfolio assured them I could deliver. When we met, instantly comfortable walking on the snow-covered path, they shared inspiration photos on a cellphone showing poses they had been practicing.

This is not the first time I’ve worked this way (Though it’s helpful to see these sorts of concept images ahead of time) and it’s a welcome addition to the mix. It lets me deliver more closely what a client envisions.

I’m a very versatile guy and shoot in a wide range of styles. Though I lean toward journalistic and candid photography, traditional and very conventional work is all within my wheelhouse.

While Christina and Michael knew what they wanted and came prepared, they also appreciated my suggestions and embraced unexpected possibilities that presented themselves.

We even talked about Tannersville, where to find the best burger in town (at a place I hadn’t tried) and how life in the mountains was different than in the city. (Since I’ve been here long enough to know.)

They had fun. I had fun and I added another great locale and some beautiful photos to my portfolio. Best of all, Christina and Michael loved the results.

It was a great afternoon shoot that left these lovebirds enough time to warm up before their romantic dinner reservation while I went home to my sweet valentine for our own dinner plans.

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