In recent years, that’s led to sessions for rental homes – AirBnB and VRBO Photography. I’m not an AirBnB aficionado. I prefer chain hotels and bed & breakfasts, at least I think I do, but I do know that good photos sell property – likewise good images help rent properties.

I’ve looked at a few properties for personal use – and been turned off by apparently dingy surroundings photographed by amateurs. I’ve wondered if they could really be as bad as they looked?

How or why would anyone pay to stay in a placed that looked so sketchy?

From my background in film and video production, as well as theatrical work, I bring a lot of ideas and experience to the job of presenting property.

Recently this aspect of the Jonathan Ment Photography portfolio lead to another opportunity: An out–of-town construction manager reached out looking for daily documentation of a renovation project in Windham, NY.

It seemed like overkill – and for the same reason I won’t sell a couple an 8×10 for $90, I suggested less would be more in terms of documenting this jobsite.

I shot a few images on spec, and due to the underlying circumstances that caused the fellow to reach out in the first place, this is as far as it went.

I’ve photographed properties in Hunter, Tannersville, Windham, Jewett and elsewhere – while there are fewer moving parts than at a wedding, for instance, these shoots are not without challenges – and it works to keep my eyes sharp for the human subjects.

The thing about sizing up a house for an image is this – it may relate to images of people in front of properties – trying to frame folks in the best way – not with columns growing out of their heads, or window sashes cutting them off at the neck.

This is about photographing individuals within their environment not in competition with that environment.

I’ll say the same goes for tree branches and more – even photographing a landscape makes me more effective at working with people.

That’s why I do it all.

Everybody, every subject is one-of-a-kind – just like you! Thanks for reading. Reach out, if I can be of any help. You can also find, follow & like Jonathan Ment Photography on Facebook and at and check out the broad-topic’d “Observational Ramblings” of the Ment Media Group’s “Business Blog.”

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