By Jonathan Ment

Row of microphones in recording studio

My ears were ringing recently.
It seems a wedding client with a vast local audience was speaking on the radio about the various plans and vendors he and his fiancé would be using to make their wedding day picture perfect. (Link is not about this wedding client, I should point out)

More than one person I know heard I was the photographer, though for me that announcement was relayed second hand.

I almost blushed. I mean, it’s an honor to be selected to photograph a wedding. This is a big day, and every decision matters. I never take the responsibility lightly. That this fellow was sharing his decision so publicly, well that was kind of cool – and a nice vote of confidence for me and the quality of my photographic work.

There are few other photographers who serve this mountaintop market.

Most have been to a major barn-like manor built recently for the purpose of hosting weddings, or perhaps to what is sometimes known as Windham Mountain Resort, which like its neighbor to the south – Hunter Mountain, is a popular wedding and event venue outside of ski season.

At the Stone Church above Tannersville,
Credited to Ment Media Group (Jonathan Ment Photography)

I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I do suspect, most of these providers drive in for the day and drive out without ever having experienced “Main Street.”

I don’t live in Windham or Hunter; I’m right between the two. I work in both. I walk in both. I am a part of the mountaintop community.

The nice thing about my life here is I know the area. I’ve paddled and strolled, dined and done my fair share of other kinds of work in these towns and villages.

I lived for a year in Tannersville, when I first settled in the area, and rarely started my car unless I was leaving town. I got to know folks, walking end-to-end and visiting local businesses door to door.

In Tannersville and Hunter, I’ve photographed and written about various subjects for years. That work as a journalist is how I got know to the highways and byways, and all the little towns along the route.

Of course, I don’t live in the Adirondacks but I have been known to photograph a wedding or two near Warrensburg, NY. I don’t live in Columbia County, but I’ve captured couples there as well.  Every shoot in any community, is a learning experience and another wonderful experience.   There is always a need for fresh talent, but if you’ve fallen in love with a community and plan to marry your love there – among the considerations you may make is whether your photographer has a similar passion for the locale.

Everyone is from somewhere, and I’m a Windham Photographer (also a Hunter Photographer and a Jewett Photographer because really, these towns make up the mountaintop and that’s the place I chose to call home long before some “Top 10 list” said they were cool.)  Every experience in our local community is a stitch in the fabric that weaves us together. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

Let’s get together and tell your story!

Thank you for reading.

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