In addition to this blog and Facebook, I loosely manage an Instagram account to share observations, inspiration and information about Jonathan Ment Photography.

Over the years, folks have reached out to say they like the feed. It’s a mix of images related to my photography, video or sound work, with a few autobiographical shots, wildlife photography or pets included in the mix.

As I’ve always said, I am not a factory photographer. I’m not a robot. I don’t post to Instagram for the sole purpose of promoting a hash tag like #jonathanmentphotography – that would be exhausting.

I use the platform to share my story. It is a version of my journey through life and the lives I touch through my work.

Isn’t that what social media should be?

Admittedly, I do use hash tags like #hesaidyes or #shesaidyes or #beautifulcouple. I also tag locations so folks know what they’re looking at and find the posts that might be meaningful to them, like #perfectlypapckennelson.

When I see a moon that shines down on lovers whether they’re near or far apart, or a sun-filled blue sky warming those below, I sometimes get poetic.

Cuddling cats sometimes prompt posts asking ‘Have you found the one you want to snuggle with?’ #GettingMarried ? #NeedPhotography ?

I’m a storyteller. These are some of the tools in the toolbox.

Of course I enjoy the scenery when I visit a beautiful location to photograph your wedding.  Not only does a wedding photographer get to be part of one of the best days of a couple’s life together, it often happens with a beautiful backdrop that feeds the soul.

I’ve spent days photographing weddings in the woods, overlooking lakes and reservoirs, surrounded by gorgeous farmland and multi-state views. Although I’m always working hard, aspects of the job are hardly work at all.

These aren’t dreary offices, folks…

Of course I hope you’ll reach out if you’re planning to propose or newly engaged and need photos for save the date cards. Naturally, I want to be the photographer you choose to capture your big day!

While I pride myself on being an affordable photography option, one that won’t mean putting off the down-payment on your love nest, we all recognize that professional photography experience and equipment can’t be cheap, but it can be fair.

I offer ‘rights-included’ photography. That means you receive the photos to download and ‘print or share’ as you see fit. I can help you with prints and albums if you like, but you shouldn’t need to pay the photographer every time you want share a wedding picture online.

Let me help tell your story!

Thank you for reading,

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