“The year that wasn’t.”

“The year you would like to forget.”

Call it whatever you like but if your wedding was held, large or small, online or in person, it was also the year that you got married!

Maybe, perhaps more than likely, it didn’t look quite like what you had envisioned.

If you simply had to put it off, you may be picking up the pieces and planning your rescheduled wedding now. Either way, you may need photography.

Planning a celebration one year later

Recently I spoke with the bride of a wedding that was held in the backyard, with just the most  ‘essential’ guests in attendance. There was no celebration. There was no first dance. Her husband never saw her in her wedding gown for a first look.

Those are memories they still want to make and a year or so after their simple ceremony, they’re bringing the wedding party together for an anniversary celebration. I will be taking the photos. This is a lot like a wedding, of course, though as a redux you might think there is a little less pressure for perfection. I see it differently.

Marking the Anniversary

Expectations are high for this re-planned wedding-type event. There are things the wedding party didn’t get to do the first time around and this is their chance.

Fortunately for the couple, their family and friends and all parties concerned (myself included), I don’t take any session lightly.

Hiring a Photographer

When you hire Jonathan Ment Photography, you’re hiring me. I prepare for a portrait shoot much the same way as for a wedding. Cameras are checked. Lenses are cleaned. Cards are loaded. Batteries are charged.

We can look ahead.

I’m reminded of the couple that approached me after their wedding with a collection of photos and videos mostly shared via social media. They had “hired” a friend to photograph the day and that friend had later disappeared.

I was asked to create an album, creatively editing and massaging what we had, to fill in the gaps. It was a challenge, but also an honor. I wrote about it at the time.

Were the photos quite what I would have taken? No. Was the coverage as extensive? Of course not. BUT I did deliver. I sometimes call myself a magician, pulling things out of a hat that nobody saw coming and when it comes to helping couples make up for lost time, I bring all of those superpowers to bear.

If you’re planning a celebration for the wedding you held almost under wraps last year, or planning a rescheduled wedding derailed by the pandemic, reach out.

I’ve always said that I am not a factory photographer. I do not photograph 100 weddings a season running them through an assembly line production model.

Every couple is unique and deserves one of a kind treatment. YOU are one of a kind and your photos should be too. I like telling your story and I have dates on the calendar available for you.

Thanks for reading, Jonathan Ment

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