Have a Mountaintop wedding in mind?

I have lived year-round in the Hunter Mountain area for years and try to never take its majesty for granted. Whether driving to a job, a gig or the grocery store I have always paused for a mental moment to take in the scenic beauty of this place.

It is no wonder so many choose the mountaintop for their outdoor weddings. It’s incredible here. From the blue skies of spring to the multitude of colors in the fall, the Castkills offer options like nowhere else.

Years ago I decided I would never be a peak grabber, endurance hiking one high peak after another, but I’ve met many who are – and I get it. There’s nothing like the view from the top!

Then there are those who just need that vantage point for a day, the big day – your wedding day.

More recently, I finally made my way to the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower. I think the trek up to the tower was undersold. That’s a hike! BUT the view of this part of Greene County from the top was worth it.

(photo) Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to regularly spend some time near Hunter’s summit lodge. It never gets old!

Hunter Mountain has long been a wedding destination, just like Windham Mountain and the towns and villages that surround both – because these are some beautiful mountains…

I’ve also been fortunate to revisit the Olana state Historic Site, former home and oasis of Frederic Church. The home and designed landscape over look Mount Merino on the edge of Hudson– which by chance rises above the site of the first wedding I ever photographed in Columbia County.

Again, more magnificent views – it’s why Church sought to build his home and studio high up and over looking the Hudson River and surrounding mountain ranges – including those on the West side of the River …

I visited Olana late last year and was struck by the multiple nooks and scenic backdrops that suggested it as a wedding venue, and of course portions of the site are available for hire.

Can we control every aspect of an outdoor wedding? Not really. There will always be the potential for ‘weather.’ There will not always puffy little clouds drifting by.

The running joke around these parts is if you don’t like the weather in the Catskills wait five minutes.

Planning your upstate wedding? Looking for a photographer who appreciates the mountains as much as you do? Want someone who will capture your beautiful wedding in the context of these beautiful backdrops? Let’s chat.

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