Nancy and Richard were getting married on a Saturday in December. They’d picked the date, and planned to keep it simple and small, after already spending many happy years together.

Then the unexpected happened. They were invited to a major family event the same day they’d picked for their wedding.

No problem. Their wedding would just be a little smaller. Small enough to be the only a slightly more attended than a proposal I recently photographed.

With just a pastor, and the events manager from the Renaissance Hotel in Albany, I was also to sign as a witness. We talked about it ahead of time.

71M_2155_wmMy pleasure.

This intimate session was another chance to get to know the couple in a way I don’t always have when there are four bridesmaids, four groomsmen and extensive families to shepherd through the wedding photo process.

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I like to be early for a session (It provides the chance for preproduction and location scouting in new venues), it’s great to be early for weddings in particular because all the planning in the world can mean next to nothing. Even though they didn’t plan to use the entire available time for photos we had the luxury of doing so. Instead of a quick portrait or two after the ceremony, we were able to take multiple photos beforehand – the majority, in fact.

My one regret is we didn’t get to take advantage of some of the phenomenal architecture in the neighborhood surrounding the former Gov. Clinton Hotel.

Nancy and Richard 12 15 18
Nancy and Richard 12 15 18

Fortunately there is sufficient architectural interest within the property to make up for it – even beautiful corbels, as Richard pointed out.

This didn’t happen, quite this way btw.

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