In March I photographed a 70th Birthday/Family Reunion but I won’t be sharing selections from that session here. Generally, Orthodox families are a bit private by nature, and I don’t get to share too many of those photos widely.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to be chosen to capture those memories, and always feel incredibly welcome when I do.

So what to share? I completed another set of conference video for an institute within the City University of New York. You can see that sort of thing on my YouTube channel – warning, it’s conference video (mostly). There are also some other bits and bobs at the bottom of the video page.


I spotted this ‘bunk’ of pipes last week and studied it for a while.

Finally it hit me. Honeycomb.

I took the first photo.


IMG_20190408_110253010Then I started playing with the white balance on my new, ahem, ‘device and took several more. Not sure what they remind me of.


Do you have a favorite?

Spring is off to a good start, and like these pipes  – bookings are stacking up – though not quite as numerous as the pipes. There are sound jobs, video jobs and photography, lots of photography.

I’ve already secured what could be the final wedding of my 2019 season – in October, but then you never know. Last year I was fortunate enough to an intimate affair for December. (No not that one. This one.)

I DON’T have any bachelorette parties on the calendar yet. What’s up ladies? Renting a house in the Catskills for a fun weekend and need a photographer for a few ‘formal’ photos? I’m your guy.

Have I mentioned I love what I do?

Thanks for taking a look. You can also find, follow & like Jonathan Ment Photography on Facebook & at and check out the broad-topic’d “Observational Ramblings” of the Ment Media Group’s Business Blog.

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