I think when folks hear ‘wedding photographer’ they don’t immediately think ‘family reunion’ photographer, but what is a wedding, but a gathering of friends and family.

Each year I photograph a number of gatherings – of friends, of families and of friends and families (weddings) this year, that was more true than ever.

Sometimes the reason folks are looking for a family reunion photographer is to capture that large family portrait – and I photographed my largest in 2018.

I always suggest we include a few smaller group portraits – like those that show the generations, or individual families, or photos of individual children.

“They grow up so fast” is no understatement.

When you get right down to it, photography is composed of light, shadow, subject and composition.

Sometimes the subject is an AirBnB. Sometimes a proposal or bachelorette party. Sometimes a family and sometimes a family reunion – which in once case was the party of the year. Weddings mainly land between May and October, but this year I photographed the last of my season in December – it was arranged quickly, and I was hired barely a month ahead of time. I’m still waiting for my chance to photograph a wedding at the summit of Hunter Mountain or Windham Mountain, but I imagine it’s just a question of time.

While packages are intended to match common needs with popular options, I always offer to customize a contract to meet the needs of my clients.

To be fair, a low-key gathering is far less demanding/challenging and involved than a wedding, and rates reflect that. In other words, just because I photographed a wedding on Saturday, doesn’t mean a client will pay peak season wedding rates on Thursday.

In reality, I can often be my most competitive for midweek events – even weddings.

The moral of this story? If you need photography, any sort of photography, just ask.

Chances are I can deliver just what you’re looking for, and within your budget.

Family reunions? I’m your photographer. Family Portraits? Yes, I photograph family portraits. Jonathan Ment Photography is available and at your service.

And… If you are looking for a photographer for your 2019 wedding, and you’re ready to reserve this month – I’ll take 10 percent or $100, whichever is greater, off the price of your package of five hours or more.

Thanks for taking a look. You can also find, follow & like Jonathan Ment Photography on Facebook & at www.catskillsphotographer.com and check out the broad-topic’d “Observational Ramblings” of the Ment Media Group’s “Business Blog.”


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