I’m a practical sort. I wear a hat and gloves, and sometimes even a scarf. I favor raincoats or – often a wide-brimmed hat over an umbrella but I keep a big golf umbrella in the car regardless – it comes in handy against a harsh midday sun as well as rain. I like to face the elements, looking for the silver lining,

JonathanMent20181209_143123_wmSo, what’s this all to do with …

The frozen surface…

What lurks below…

What looms beneath…

Nothing really.

This week, while the temperature dropped, then stayed dropped I had the pleasure of talking with a fellow about his proposal plans and how he and the woman he’ll ask to marry him met. I’ll be there when he pops the question in Tannersville NY. I’m sure she’ll say yes.

I also talked with an international client, in need of family reunion portraits in Windham NY after Christmas. We’ll be there to capture the memories and family portraits.

A couple getting married in East Durham next summer was the third couple I had the pleasure of booking. All-in-all a wonderful week during a chilly period when many folks weren’t thinking about much more than keeping warm.

What lurks below?


Today I heard about various groups of fish that thrive while wintering under the ice. The context, I believe was diminishing ice but I was focused on the notion of thriving.

I thank everyone who considers me when choosing a photographer. These three couples have warmed me inside and out during one of the coldest weeks of the year so far.

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