Years back when I was getting into the business of still photography, (after years as a videographer and graphic designer) I designed my first ‘brochure’ with the phrase “Any subject, anytime, anywhere.”

I included several types of weddings, animals, wine bottles and a sunset. Much like the Ment Media Group as a whole, my photography has never been limited to a single niche.

Sometimes I explain that I’m not a wedding factory photographer. Capturing fewer than two dozen a year keeps me fresh. I have few, if any, preconceived notions.

In recent years, I lean toward the phrase “You’re one of a kind, your photos should be too.”

Bringing an open mind and fresh eyes to each shoot makes the work more enjoyable for me – and for my subjects.

The diversity of my work makes keeps each project fresh.

I recently enjoyed the most diverse week of my still photography career to date.

71M_3270Coming into the season, I had a wedding booked for Saturday, that’s not unusual from May through October – peak season for weddings. The wedding was my first at the Shamrock House, and cozy little venue in East Durham, barely 20 minutes from the home office.

A week earlier I heard from a past client in need of an extra set of hands for a golf tournament. The company provides on-site delivery of souvenir photographic plaques with autographs and pictures with the participating pros.

Several weeks before that, while setting up to handle concert sound for the Blackdome Music Festival in Windham, NY, I took a call from the owners of an AirBnB in town. I’ve photographed lots of real estate and several rentals, and was happy to add the session to the calendar.

Sounds like a decent, diverse week. Right?

Fast forward to Monday morning, with the golf job, the wedding and the real estate job on the horizon – when the text came in.

71M_3894Would I be available for a midweek family portrait session at Scribner’s Lodge at the base of Hunter Mountain? A check of the weather (and the calendar) and the answer was of course ‘yes.”

71M_3117What a great week. This is what I enjoy. Meeting new folks, telling their stories, bringing a fresh eye to the work, and moving on to the next (and o.k., helping assemble a few dozen picture frames with photos of golfer types).

Years ago I handled video for a wedding where the still photographer was worn out from one too many electric slides. I remember saying – these folks deserve our A-Game, this is their day.

Being flexible and diverse, means I walk into each session with my fresh eyes.

Saturday’s wedding was tough, loud, intimate but with many moving parts. I welcomed the more static nature of a rental house the next morning. After all, even a rental deserves my A-game.

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