The first wedding I ever photographed overlooking the Hudson River and riding through the streets of the City of Hudson, found me beginning the day in a suit.

Jacket was quickly shed, eventually the necktie. I’ve shot a few Hudson weddings, but I never went back in a suit.

For years I’ve favored a simple black button-down. Often short sleeved in season, sometimes under a black cashmere sweater for those early or late season weddings.

O.K. Sometimes I wonder if I look like the kitchen staff – it’s the production background in me – I try to disappear, not draw attention to myself.

I don’t wear two cameras on a fancy cowboy sling that makes folks say “Oooh, ahh.”

BUT I do move a lot — a lot – while shooting.

Folks tell me they didn’t see me capture the images I did. Or that I was so unobtrusive they barely noticed me working. I appreciate that. Major compliment.

BUT sometimes I feel a little underdressed. It’s never an issue. I think couples and guests get it – I’m working and hopefully, they barely notice me anyway.

I’m not the tuxedo type. Perhaps that’s why I’m hired for more easy-going outdoor weddings, rustic weddings, barn weddings – beautiful affairs in the great wide outdoors

JillJohnandMeRecently though, I photographed a farm wedding – a real farm wedding, not out-of-towners hiring a barn, but a couple getting married on the third or fourth-generation farm they will continue to work.

Wranglers and boots were the order of the day.

I showed up in my usual uniform – black slacks, and shirt, and black dress shoes – rendered dusty after the days festivities.

This would have been a job for my ropers – low-heeled western boots comfy as they come and in keeping with the mood.

I was, for the first time, overdressed.

John and Jill didn’t mind.

Heck, probably they didn’t notice.

But I stood out more than I usually do – at least to my eye.

71M_4419I’ve shot several barn and farm weddings, and perhaps that’s what threw me off. This was a true farm wedding, for farmers.

The others were riding the popular wave of getting outdoors for a beautiful rustic wedding celebration.

Suits, even tuxedos continue to be the order of the day – even at most of these barn weddings in the Catskills – at least from what I’ve seen.

I’m looking forward to more of the real deal, and I’ll try dress down … or up … or something, accordingly.

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