The Rev. said it well; it was one of the most beautiful locations for a ceremony at which he’d ever had the pleasure to officiate. That’s him contemplating the scene prior to the service.

A lot of things can go in to wedding site selection; convenience, accessibility, cost, character and personal significance – just to name a few.

My kid sister was married in the back yard of the old family homestead for most of those reasons (I think). I was married in a park, overlooking the Hudson River for only one or two of them.


Christina and Brent were married on a patch of the mountains in South Kortright, New York, owned by her grandfather, because – as all agreed, it was beautiful.

DSC_0798_newI gather the couple had also spent some time in the area. (They currently live in Georgia).

The groom, a custom woodworker, was drawn to a log home in the distance, and hopes to build one for the couple nearby. We even took photos in front of it – that’s how much he likes the style.

What went, or will go into your choice of venue – whether a banquet hall, forest, barn or backyard? When you’re looking back on your wedding, whether by memory or through the photos, you’ll probably remember the setting before you remember the place settings.

DSC_1102_newFor this couple, the second setting was also somewhat memorable – Brooks’ House of BBQ in Oneonta, NY – about 25 minutes from the ceremony.

Brooks, a regional destination known to much of upstate New York if not for its massive family-friendly dining room serving chicken cooked on a massive indoor charcoal pit – then for it’s on-site charcoal cooked fundraising chicken bbqs, is also home to Brooks’ Roost, a banquet hall inside a traditional log cabin (there we go again!).

Brent said he was ready and hungry for the ribs shortly after saying “I do.”

DSC_1187_newI don’t know if the reception site will be remembered as vividly as the ceremony locale, but it was nice to know it was chosen because family and friends have a long tradition of visiting Brooks and enjoying the fare. (I can say the same).

I’m aware that when planning a wedding, very often it’s the venue that is selected first – for availability, possibly before the date. Sometimes, that encompasses the caterer – like a reception at Brooks. It may even include the cake. Next comes the window dressing, the flowers – and possibly last, the photographer. Or the photographer can be the very first choice made – after the engaged have chosen each other. When I’m chosen, I work to capture the spirit of the day and all those decisions and touches that went into making it memorable. The photo gallery, album or video becomes one of the vehicles toward enjoying those memories.

DSC_1006_newHowever you make the decisions for your next celebration, whether a wedding, reunion, Sweet 16 or anything else — I hope I can be of service.

I’ve photographed weddings near and far, from Plattsburgh to the Jersey shore, and it sometimes seems – everywhere in-between.


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