There’s an old, ‘shuttered,’ roadside resort I drive past with some frequency. Across the street there’s a defunct farm. I don’t know if the two were connected in any way other than proximity.

I always want to stop and take a few pictures for the “Rust and Dust” series. Recently I did. (O.k. It was August). I’m getting to it now, in October.

The study, for some future date, included these – of the Barn- which begged the question – How long ago did they hang the decorations?’

I’m reminded of the Stormville Airport Flea Market, where a sprawling collection of new, not-so-new and rusty, dusty wares are spread out more than a dozen times a year. I’ve been a few times – and even seen it featured on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip.

Why does a decaying old barn with holiday decorations remind me of a flea market? Take your pick of the reasons – but mainly because Stormville hosts (or at least has in the past) “Christmas in November.” I thought it was Christmas in July, but can’t find any mention of that to link to.

In either case, if you need a late-season flea market where you’ll be safe from overheating while wandering around in black denim jeans – it might be Nov. 4 and 5 this year (2017).

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