Last month, working one afternoon as a wedding videographer, I found myself positioned behind the #husbandcake for a few minutes and asked myself (and a small Instagram audience) how long has this been a thing? That’s Kevin’s cake pictured below.

kevinHusbandCake_newSomeone told me about the Armadillo Cake in “Steel Magnolia’s,” though I can’t recall whom and I’m not sure (without watching the film) that’s a husband cake. Seems likely, I suppose. It’s served in the garage.

Jen and I enjoyed just one cake at our wedding – a multi-tiered carrot and cream cheese iced job that we’ve never forgotten. BUT I suppose in-between all of the wedding cake pops (are those still a thing?), wedding cupcakes, and ordinary wedding cakes there will always been room for a few edible nods to the groom.

Well, whatever the story – this morning I found myself thinking about a few other husband cakes I’ve encountered as a wedding photographer – and thought I’d share.

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Beautiful bride Barbie (yup!) made the Wii-inspired cake for Eric, someone said. I don’t recall if it was carved up beside their traditional cake at this Plattsburgh area wedding. This was a destination wedding for the couple, who live down south but have family in the Adirondacks. I believe they found me via

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Darin’s fishing boat-inspired husband cake was inspired by the surprise gift from Lynn. The wedding, at Colden Manor at Spruce Lodge in Montgomery, was filled with surprises, like the painted Home Depot apron worn by the fellow officiating. (The couple and most non-family guests, it seems, work for THD and there was just the slightest whiff of ‘company function’ though almost imperceptible.

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At their #catskillswedding in Hunter’s big red barn, Matt and Jaki had pastry, cupcakes and this #StarWars cake, which to be fair – was more a themed creation than a husband special. Guests came in costume. This was a fun Hunter Mountain area wedding for friends I’ve sorta lost touch with but think of often.

I think fondant icing is the common thread running through most of these cakes – for its sculpt-ability.

There are so many traditions associated with weddings, and wedding cakes for that matter. If a couple isn’t careful, their wedding can wind up an overbooked agenda of must-dos and must haves that feels more like a marathon than a celebration. But I think there’s always room for the ones that mean the most.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard in connection with a wedding is that the couple be sure to enjoy the food. That surely includes the cake.

After all, it’s your party too (and first!)


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