A couple I’m working with planned their wedding at a pavilion by the water – I can relate, a few years back my wife wanted the same thing (we got married at that same pavilion by the water. There’s wedding photography to prove it.).

For this great couple however, fate conspired against them. The town clerk placed them on hold, to ‘quickly answer another call,’ and booked the park for the date they were after on that other call!

We talked about a few spots I know, though eventually they chose a park near their home – no water.

But wait, the engagement session near Windham, NY. we’d talked about… They will have their picture beside the water!

Not very familiar with the area, they asked me to suggest a few scenic watery locations and I set my mind to work.

I’ve photographed engagement sessions at North –South Lake, in Hunter and Tannersville. I’ve photographed couples near creeks and streams, and family portraits at a go-to arboretum, but I wanted to offer a few more options.

But oh, this spring. Snow, snow, snow, then rain and fog.

Tired of regretting the delay in sending a sampling of locales, I set out to shoot those I hadn’t photographed. Clouds are the photographer’s friend, after all. Sometimes.

I invited a friend along for the ride, with him scouting locations to fish as I scouted locations to photograph, and together we meandered for a few hours around the mountaintop.

Basically, it’s “preproduction.”

JonathanMentPhotoMHRwmI found my old favorites, discovered new ones and found a few I thought were possibilities that left me cold – and then, the skies opened and my shoot was done.

Photographing weddings and events can be a little like this. You try this setting or that, a go-to pose or something new. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they’re destined for what the movie business refers to as the cutting room floor.

JonathanMentPhotoCDLwmThe subject ultimately dictates the direction, directly or indirectly. I’m there to facilitate. BUT you can’t predict the weather. Best intentions for a glorious outdoor wedding sometimes evolve into a glorious indoor wedding. Playful couples don’t always seem natural in playful photos if their guests are uncomfortable.

I’ve spent more than a few nights bouncing the flash of my speedlight from the walls of a bed and breakfast while a storm raged outside.

And after all, haven’t I heard rain on your wedding day is good luck? Or was it ironic?

Thanks for reading and taking a look. It would be great to hear from you.

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