First love? First car? First McRib sandwich (and last, thankfully)?

No sillies, the first wedding of the season!

Danielle and Damian’s #WildCatWeddingAdventure was certainly memorable – if not for the above-all easy-going vibe in the face of adversity (47 degrees? Persistent heavy cloud cover and rain or mist!), than for the pup population – every time I turned around, another dog!

There were even three in the wedding party. Danielle created custom kerchiefs for them to wear. No slapdash effort, I might add. These had hemmed sections for the collars. Carefully thought out and well executed.

Makes sense; the bride works in the veterinary field. I think a handful of the guests do as well. Animal people. Love the fur family, yes they do.

And oh, that cake topper. I should get the name of the artist they used via Etsy that custom created this piece from photographs.

DSC_1472_newThe coolest! (I’m an animal guy, myself.)

Years ago a bride-to-be lamented not being able to bring her dog to the wedding site, a catering hall attached Brook’s in Oneonta – where I photographed the last wedding of my season last year, by chance.

We talked about bringing a big photo of the pup to include somewhere and she loved the idea.

I think that would not have been an option in this case.

No dogs, no deal – most likely.

Danielle and Damian had very few ‘special requests,’ which is fine and speaks to their thorough but mellow natures.

Sometimes, though one or two are nice – and the one that stayed with me from our first meeting involved horses. We handled that in spades, thanks to Anita at Dancing Horse Farms, who was proud of her majestic beasts.

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There was also something about a set up with a fake boyfriend, or something… That passed us by like rain water running in a ditch.

Once everyone realized mud was the order of the day, we accepted mud.

While it might have been tempting to cower indoors, everyone willingly braved the mist for a few shots that didn’t have walls in the background. We were after all in Windham, NY for an outdoor Catskills wedding.

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OK, so the ceremony got moved into the tent, and the scenery was somewhat obscured by fog, but they did get married in the mountains.

I won’t forget this one, not this year and likely not soon thereafter.

Great couple. Great story. Great families and friends – even the camera-shy ones, who more than cooperated when the time came. #WildCatWeddingAdventure !

Thanks for having Jonathan Ment Photography capture the big day!

And thanks for reading and taking a look. It would be great to hear from you.

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