alternate title… Catching up with a Couple From Years Back

I’ve long said that everyone and each couple is one-of-a-kind. It’s why my approach to wedding photography is more ‘journalistic,’ not cookie cutter or factory.

Of course, so many wedding guests are used to posing in the style of a police line-up it’s hard to break them of the habit. I always encourage my subjects to not worry too much about the camera, and to feel free to break out of the mold from time to time.

That said – most weddings are made up of predictable parts.

Preparations – perhaps hair and make up, and getting dressed

Readying the reception area – dressing the tables, the place perhaps center pieces

Then there’s the ceremony. Sometimes simple, sometimes not – there’s always an exchange of vows.

I think it’s been over five years since I’ve photographed a receiving line. Or if I have, it hasn’t stayed in my memory. When I started in the field, a little over a decade ago they were more common.

And of course, sometimes classic poses are what’s called for.

Recently at a farm-to-table dinner in the Catskills, a neighbor and I were among the first to be seated and I had the chance to watch others arrive.

DSC_0272_newIn walked Theresa and Martin.

“Theresa!,” I said. “I am Theresa,” she replied, a little confused.

“And Martin,” I added. He was lost.

“I’m Jonathan Ment. I photographed your wedding,” I said.

The light came on as we got reacquainted.

This was pretty out of context for a chance encounter almost a decade after the fact and I pride myself on an often discreet shooting style.

I prefer the couple and guests remember aspects of the wedding other than me – so long as they refer me after the fact…

To be fair, I also looked a lot different back in ’09. Instead of cut short, my hair hung in a ponytail to the center of my back, and I probably had the bushier beard, which I wore on and off from around ’05 to ‘15. In any case I’m sure I wasn’t as clean cut as the groom – though I’m close to it now.

DSC_0338_newAfter dinner, we parted almost as old friends. I was really nice to see them in person, after years of very sporadic online updates.

Why did I recognize them so quickly, and recall their names with such ease?

At that point, their’s was likely the most elaborate booking I’d undertaken. Plus I’ve always loved the photos from that weekend.

We’d photographed a golf outing at the Windham Country Club, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. While I’ve photographed many golf outings from Charity events to Pro-am rounds; and other weddings on golf courses and country clubs, this was the first bridal party that brought clubs with them when we drove off in the golf carts.

I’ve also seen their faces in my online gallery ever since. I also used to include a few photos from the celebration in my handheld portfolio. It’s among my best work, thanks to the clear joy present in almost every shot. I remember a classic car used for transport and a few other details, but mostly I recall how sincere every smile seemed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wasn’t writing this blog back then – so no time like the present to share a few selections from that September wedding way back when at the Windham Country Club one of several options for weddings at Windham Mountain.

DSC_0563_newAs Jonathan Ment, or Jonathan Ment Photography I’m connected with many of the couples I’ve photographed over the years via various social networking platforms – yes, we’re talking Facebook folks. But for the second time in about a month I’ve been blessed with a terra-firma encounter in the Catskills and it really felt good. The previous meeting was at the wedding of Peter and James.

If you’re planning something extra – a hike, a paddle, a round of golf or 3D Archery in connection with your wedding, let’s talk. I’d love to look back on the weekend years from now when we bump into each other under fireworks on the fourth of July or the merry-go-round at Empire State Plaza…

Thanks for taking a look. You can also find, follow & like Jonathan Ment Photography on Facebook & at and check out the broad-topic’d “Observational Ramblings” of the Ment Media Group’s “Business Blog.”

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