My wife Jen is an avid outdoors enthusiast. One of her ideas of fun is six soggy days camping on an island; another seems to be hiking on days when the wind turns the exposed skin on your face shades of red.

I like old movies – in shades of black and white.

DSCF2189_newWe both like Star Wars – though we won’t be combining passions and camping out for the first screening of The Last Jedi. Different strokes for different folks, and shoobie doobie doobie. This spot reminded me a bit of Endor.

To be fair, I also enjoy hiking – and on cold early winter days the bugs won’t carry you off. I sometimes forget this fact – until I

  1. Hike in August when they do or
  2. Hike in December, when they don’t.

Years ago, in what seems another life, I did a lot more hiking and camping, These days, my daily existence is so entirely surrounded by the beautiful, natural world that I often pass on the treks.

When I do accompany Jen on a woodsy walk, I almost always bring a proper camera along and use the opportunity to keep my eyes sharp in-between sessions. Soggy camping? Not so much.

This week’s adventure? A quick jaunt to — and then past Diamond Notch Falls.

A couple of years back I managed the Devil’s Tombstone Campground for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. The so-called ‘primitive’ campground, for its utter lack of amenities (no power, no running water) located about midway along the “Devil’s Path.” That challenging trail, with it steep ascents and descents, also passes this modest, very accessible waterfall. I gave a lot folks directions and distance to lean-tos that summer. It was ‘book knowledge,’ as I’ve never had the chance or perhaps determination to follow the route in real life – though I’ve thought seriously about it. Heck, there’s a lot around here I’d like to see but haven’t yet.

Jen likes to visit these falls once or twice a year – I should make a point of joining her next time – looking at how the light has changed. This trip, it was pretty low in the sky.

Do you combine photography with other interests?

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2 thoughts on “Know some woods

  1. Nice falls. 🙂

    Hobbys and photography, kinda. I used to take a lot of motorcycle photography and I love going on the big South East rallies. Brighton Burnup, Southend Shakedown, Margate Meltdown, Hastings 1066 and the Ace Cafe ladies days.

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