Perhaps I’ve mentioned before; I’m not a ‘factory wedding photographer.’ For years I’ve said it, and I’ve always believed it. “Every individual and every subject is one of a kind.”


You’re not like everyone else, the story of how you met isn’t like everyone else’s story and your wedding won’t be like everyone else’s big day.


One of a kind…


A wedding factory, in my view, is a company that simply cranks ‘em out. I’m not that either – I don’t work on an assembly line, I listen, respond and react – you get the idea.


Long ago, I decided to limit the number of weddings I would photograph in a year –it’s a personal thing. I figure if I’m not cranking them out at the maximum possible rate – I’ll never find myself in the shoes of that grumbling photographer I met in Newburgh years ago when I was hired for video rather than stills.


On that Sunday afternoon, she and her partner were on the third wedding of their weekend. They were grousing about the unenthusiastic groom from Friday night. “These folks are glad we’re here,” I said. “Let’s give them our best, fresh eyes.”


I managed to turn their frowns upside down, thankfully.


Photographers, Videographers, DJs, Officiants, Caterers, Venues – everyone has to work together like a team to help deliver a wonderful event that will be remembered as special, and easy-going not high stress.


I strive to be low-key, unobtrusive and easy-going. It’s who I am.


Recently I photographed one of those easy-going weddings at The Lake House Restaurant in Richfield Springs, NY – just outside of Cooperstown, NY. Though much of the grounds were saturated by the week’s rains, Lake House staff were ready, with the ceremony moved to a drier spot up the hill with it’s own view of beautiful Canadarago Lake.


Henry and Lucky came from hours away, and predicted rain held off until after the last photo was taken, and the celebration had ended.


Though meeting face-to-face for the first time, they weren’t complete strangers. We’d made the time to build a little rapport before the wedding day.


This isn’t uncommon these days, considering I work as a Catskills wedding photographer, work as a photographer across the Adirondacks and the Capital District in-between – many folks come from out of the area to hold weddings in these locales. With online portfolios, phone calls and email – I meet fewer than 75 percent of couples before the wedding day – engagement sessions not withstanding.

Version 2

I’d actually met Rev. Ronald Hunt, a ‘life cycle celebrant,’ before – at a gathering of wedding professionals in Saratoga Springs. I recalled him at once, though it’s been four years. I hoped then we’d have the chance to ‘work’ together. I now look forward to collaborating again


What set Ron apart from others who do what he does was probably as much his can-and-will-do attitude as his gentle nature. On this occasion, that meant helping to cut the cake when it was time to serve.


When a photographer offers affordable wedding photography, meaning my fee won’t bust the budget, easy-going folks looking to complete their wedding planning without going deep into debt find me.


I sleep better knowing I’ve delivered a quality product without charging extortionist rates for the wedding day or prints and albums.


While there may not be as many couples as there are for the factories, those that hire me are always happy with the one-of-a-kind results.


“That’s exactly what we were looking for,” they say with smiles on their faces.


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