The Grinning Groom

I’ve shot stone-faced grooms, photographed grooms that grimaced, and those that cry. At some point, most crack a smile – at least for an instant, or during portrait sessions.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with the grinning groom, Daniel Rossignol. He was smiling when I met him, barefoot and getting dressed in the morning. When I asked, he said he didn’t think he’d be crying later.

He was smiling through the ceremony, dinner and every part of the party. I do not think I’ve photographed a groom who smiled quite so much.

Honestly, he’s set the benchmark high for apparently happy husbands to be.

Dan married Stephanie Pushmanthe Grinning Groom, and she was smiling too – almost as much as Dan. I think, when the portrait shoots were nearly done she was too – and the uneven ground, new shoes and warm afternoon contributed. But she was smiling.

Thanks Dan. It was great capturing your smile!

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