Keep Smiling

Janet and Steve’s wedding last weekend reminded me why I do this. Not that I ever forget, but bear with me. Natural smiles, ecstatic family and friends, an intimate gathering in the open air, love in their eyes when they kissed, danced, ate, schmoozed, walked, talked, and even stood for portraits. A wedding is a happy day, one of the happiest. If I can help capture that in photos, to help participants relive the moment, I’m doing my job. It’s why I do this. My services won’t break the bank, and my ego won’t be the largest thing in the room. I’m there to capture the day. Sure, it’s got to be worth my while. Even for a five hour wedding day, closer to 20 hours are invested (more on that later). But it would be unfair to charge a month’s wages for one afternoon behind the camera. ‘Nuf said.

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