by Jonathan Ment Photography

Terri and Chris met with me in Windham, NY in the early Spring, and had a few requests for their micro-wedding.

“Would you mind serving as a witness?”

Of course not.

“Can you be flexible on time?”

Of course!

“Can you recommend an officiant?”

Yes, I can.

“How about a place for dinner?”

Seafood, steak or Mexican?

When the wedding rolled around, this couple had also ordered a proof set, print package and an album. Honestly, this can get a little tricky when the entire guest list consists of the couple, the justice, myself and a second witness.

It is good to know it’s a plan going in. For Terri and Chris it meant over-shooting a little to allow for a certain narrative quality in the album – beyond the various things that make up a typical wedding day story.

Honestly, I may have spent more time designing and perfecting the book than I did photographing the nuptials and portraits that followed.

I love when couples plan ahead for albums. It means they’re either mature enough to know photos should be seen beyond the screen of a cell phone or traditional enough to recognize every couple should have a tangible album of wedding day photos.

I’ve been at this more than a few years now. I’ve photographed weddings in the Adirondacks, Catskills, Hudson Valley, Southern Tier all over the Capitol District and beyond. There are always milestones that stay with me.

Referrals for one – I remember the first time I shot a fourth wedding born of referrals traced to one couple. They were all state employees. The first was at a VFW in Rotterdam. I’ve done a lot of photography in Rotterdam, more about that in the future.

The second started at a church in Catskill and ended at a country club in Columbia County. The third was a good time at an outdoor Wedding venue near Latham / Clifton Park. The most recent wedding was more traditional but nearby. Four very different weddings all because the first couple found me, met me, loved the results and referred me. All but one were couples I’d met as guests at the first.

That’s key. Connecting with couples can be tough. Many folks only get married once, so when someone finds me and then refers me to friends and family it creates a feeling that’s hard to describe.

I also remember the first time I worked at venue for the second time. In truth, some photographers are practically staff. They are the only ones who seem to break in to certain locales.

Many venues maintain a preferred vendor list – either folks they trust or folks who have negotiated favorable arrangements (that can drive the price you pay up, by they way)

Terri and Chris, well – they were the second one-of-a-kind wedding this year at Captain’s Inn Point Lookout in Windham New York. Both couples were bikers – or if you prefer, motorcycle enthusiasts. This location is a favorite amongst the two-wheeled set. For a spot that’s been open-again, closed-again, I feel particularly lucky to have photographed two events here just this year. Plus, due to the modest size, it lends itself to the sorts of small weddings with fewer moving parts that let everyone breathe a little deeper.

I was also happy to witness Terri and Chris’s wedding. That’s me toward the top of this post – pen in hand.

We were flexible on the time.

They found a justice they connected with on many levels.

Steak was the answer.

Best of all, the album was beautiful and the couple was thrilled.

“We just got our album. We love it!! Fabulous job … We will recommend you to anyone we know,” they wrote when it landed less than two months after the big little day.

Can’t ask for much more than that.

Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Ment

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