There’s this thing called engagement season… Personally, I think it’s 12 months long.

Love never goes out of style. BUT for those who work at and around weddings, like wedding photographers, there’s a very real period of a few months from December to February when folks are feeling particularly romantic and popping the question even more than usual. Contacts from couples planning their weddings increase.

It’s sweet all around. I always smile at the obvious excitement emanating from those who reach out even though I know not every bride and groom will book with me.

Like I always say, working a wedding is a chance to be a part of one of your happiest days to date. I treat it as an honor and a privilege when I am chosen to photograph the big day.

Here are a few images for the romantics out there. They are among some shots captured in Tannersville NY in the town of Hunter NY  near Hunter Mountain at a recent Ice Carving Festival.

Over the past six years of observing I’ve noticed the sculptures are often representative of the businesses that sponsored them.

Last year, Dallas – who works the land and greenhouse at Fromer Market Farms in Tannersville, NY. carved a giant carrot. Things change but his skill with his hands, farming or carving ice, remains.

This year, at least two were more symbolic of the season – with the event being held the Saturday after Valentine’s Day. Maybe there’s a joke in there about cold hearts, but I won’t be the one to make it!

No doubt one or two of those braving the chilly afternoon to take a look either find themselves recently engaged or know other folks who have.

One of the details I like to ask couples about is ‘how did you meet?’

Another is ‘who asked who?’

The answers to these two questions can speak volumes.

So, how did you meet? And who asked who?

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