As a wedding photographer, I shoot couples. As a portrait photographer I also shoot couples. (and families and pets, and…)

Last year on a real estate shoot – for an AirBnB in Windham, NY I ended up putting some of those couples photography to work as well.

71M_6207As a photographer who likes to say ‘any subject, anytime, anywhere,” It’s fair to say I often photograph couples.

Earlier this month that meant working with a couple that was neither getting married anytime soon or looking for portraits. The photos were for another reason – which I won’t get into here, and my couples portrait experience came heavily into play.

Julia, John and I put some nice work in that afternoon. It was a relaxing, easy-going session covering a lot of ground.


I guess, though I’ve always said I’m not a wedding factory – it would be silly not to acknowledge I photograph couples.

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