Happy New Year – Ka Boom!

A stock image borrowed from my inbox
A stock image borrowed from my inbox

This image arrived in my inbox this morning, on 1/3/13, it was one of several such greetings still trickling in and it prompted two main thoughts, mainly the message I’ve been meaning to share with all the brides and grooms I’ve photographed recently.

But first, I think it is doctored. There’s no way the fireworks could spell “Happy New Year” that sharply. But who knows. The past few years I’ve seen more small-town displays, than big budget blow outs – but seriously, this has to be fake? Right?

Second., I think it’s not too late to wish all of my newlyweds a Happy New Year too. You’ve just spent your first holiday season as husband and wife and welcomed the New Year in as a married couple. No doubt along with the

festivities came planning for the future, reflections on the past and somewhere in the mix, perhaps, thoughts of your wedding day I’m excited for all of you.

Reflecting on the past year, my thoughts also move toward those who marked their first anniversaries, Happy Anniversary! What did the first year deliver? What promises did it fulfill? What voids did it fill? What has begun.

It was not just a pleasure to be the one who ‘officially’ captured your big day. It was also an honor. Thank you.

You’re all always in my thoughts, you make me part of who I am. Your smiles, your joy, your tears and your excitement make each New Year special for me.

Thank you, and Happy 2013!

Jonathan Ment, Photographer.

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