in the photobooth

At a wedding last week where I was the videographer, documenting among other things another photographer at work. It’s what the mother of the bride, who hired me, asked me to do – capture the photographer during the portrait shoots. There was also one of those old-fashioned styled photo booths. For a buck or two (free at the wedding, naturally) you can get a strip of automated snapshots of you and a friend printed on the spot. The attendant had feather boas, fireman’s caps, funny glasses and other props for the subjects to wear in the booth. I posed with my video camera. It’s part of my identity and it was in keeping with my photojournalistic nature. I didn’t feel like pretending I was someone else. I noticed the photographer that day shed her camera and opted for props.

About the photography-versus-video situation… It was tough not being responsible for the stills. I couldn’t believe some of the missed opportunities that photographer never knew she missed. Seemed to me like she was just going through the motions. To be fair, I recently dropped the ball with one type of photo and this photographer would have wiped the floor with me if we were being compared in that regard – so everyone has good and bad, or perhaps ‘less good’ days.

With the group she was shooting, and the great backgrounds there’s no doubt in my mind there will be some good shots in the mix. That mixture, however, could have included more great ones if she was more engaged. Alas, beyond my control. Nonetheless, I believe I did good work, and when the opportunities arose I made a few suggestions to the participants regarding how they could improve their photos. I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds too much, but I really do care.

There are books out there for brides/couples to help you make the most of your wedding photography. How to stand, how to hold your flowers, that sort of thing.

More importantly, and it’s probably covered in the books, I would recommend couples make their suggestions and wishes known during their wedding. “Let’s have some fun with this setting.” “Please don’t line us up for a firing squad.” “Can we try one like this … “ That sort of thing.

Anyway, felt like sharing these via the blog.

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