Freehold Bridal Show, Wedding Photography in the Catskills

Freehold "Celebrate Love" Bridal Show
Jonathan Ment Photography at the Freehold House 20, February 2010

On Saturday I brought out some portfolio work to a small bridal show at the Freehold House, in Freehold, NY.  Fewer than 100 couples were represented during the day and I had a chance to chat with most.  Many folks have already found their photographers – and apologized. That’s just silly. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding. If you’ve found your photographer, that’s another thing to cross off the list.  That said – one visitor told me how her photographer keeled over dead a month before her wedding and she had to scramble to find a new one. YIKES!  After that conversation, I told another couple “take my card, you never know.”   Of course, even if the wedding comes and goes, someday you might want a photographer for another party, a portrait shoot, a session with your cat or dog…

This was a small show for sure, but I had fun.   Though not so busy to really qualify, this offered a sort of speed-dating scenerio where brides and their entourages had a few minutes each with various vendors to see if that love connection would be made.

Flower shops, dress shops, and a dress preservationist also exhibited, along with another photographer and several area businesses. One favorite, whom I’ve encountered both privately (think canoli pit stop) and on the job (Tasha & Clarence’s wedding last October) is Dawn’s Bakery. I heartily recommend her.

Throughout the day, we enjoyed excellent live music by jazz guitarist Ed Wasilewski,  whom I would recommend to anyone in need of a solo performer of this sort. Ed tells me he also works with small ensembles and can even offer a band format when needed.

During the day I collected entries for a free photography drawing. I’ve posted the winners here.

I should mention the boxed entree served to exhibitors was terrific. A grilled chicken-bacon-salady thing. I’m sure Freehold House is a great choice for a special night out or your once-in-a-lifetime event.

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