Will you have proposal photography in your photo album?

Years from now when you’re looking back at pictures from your early days together, maybe there will be shots from the party where you met, an office gathering or some set at school if you were college or even high school sweethearts.

No doubt there will be ‘selfies’ from a trip or two.

Perhaps there will be some more planned photos from functions you attended together such as a ski trip, wedding, or a group vacation.

Of course there will also be photos from the wedding, lots of photos.  As I sometimes tell my couples, ‘this is the most photographed day of your life.’

But there might be something missing, such as photos from the moment you became engaged?  Sure, friends and family may capture some photos, but will they be what you hoped for, when you look back?  Are there any professional photos capturing the breaths leading up to the question – “will you marry me?” Think of this moment and how life changing, important this question – this moment is? 

I guarantee that  no selfie will do when it comes to capturing your memories.

That’s where a proposal photographer comes in. That’s where Jonathan Ment Photography comes in.

Weddings are tremendous fun to photograph. They’re also a lot work, naturally. There’s a lot of excitement and celebration.

But they are so different from capturing the moment it’s all set in motion.

I’ve seen the tears. I’ve witnessed the surprise.

And more than once I’ve heard, after, ‘this is Jonathan, our photographer;’

I’ve heard “I would have done my nails.”

Well, whether nails are done or not, we’re going to need pictures of the ring.

And that smile on your face will never be the same as when you first slipped it on to your finger – so don’t cry too much yet!  Maybe you picked out the ring together, but wearing it, in its official capacity, its ‘foreverness’ is very different. 

As for me,these are fun moments to photograph too. But the excitement of capturing something that is about to happen, unannounced and without all eyes focused at the ready, that’s the rewarding part.

Having your trust to preserve this moment is an honor.  A memory to last forever. 

I once posed as a patron at a wine bar waiting for the couple and their friends to come in for a tasting. Everyone but the future bride to be was in on the surprise, and I might have blended in nicely had the place not been otherwise completely empty.

And yet, when the time came, she was none the wiser. Barely noticing that her friends had gone inside and a stranger was the only other soul around when he got down on bended knee to ask.

There’s a lot of spontaneity in a proposal.

While the ring is selected and the venue has been chosen, the precise instant it will happen can’t be known in advance. But with experience, it also will not be missed and it will be recorded for your memories, for your life together!

Thank you as always for reading,

Jonathan Ment, Photographer

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