A Windham business owner I know has had portions of his enterprise largely shut down this year due to Covid-19. It’s hard to imagine myself in his shoes, considering his overhead, but I can feel his pain. A ban on large gatherings has affected many of the types of events I typically work with. Maybe you read Two Parties are Better than (N)one?

However, in this fellow’s case there’s no telling when he’ll get back to business as usual. Fortunately, before all this pandemic chaos went down, things were in motion for new areas of expansion.

Renovations had begun on an underperforming attraction for conversion to a vacation rental, now one of three on the property.

For several years I’ve been fortunate enough to be called up by the owners of AirBnBs and VRBO owners to photograph their vacation rentals. Where real estate is concerned, good photos can make all the difference between finding buyers (or renters) and languishing on the market.

I’m reminded of a couple I know with a duplex that sat so long on the market they eventually walked away. It was in a desirable area, but the realtor they’d hired was not motivated. I reviewed the listing and said – “Look, instead of a shot of a large two-car driveway, her jalopy is parked askew in the exterior photo with the door open. She probably didn’t feel like finding a spot on the street and walking, and only hopped out of her car long enough to take it. The damage was already done by that point, however.

Even in this hot real estate market, where folks seem to be flocking to the mountains to pounce on properties with above-asking price all-cash offers, good real estate photography can and will make a difference.

I began photographing properties years ago for editorial work. I visited with some of  Catskill Mountains’ preeminent builders and remodelers at their job sites. I photographed high-end kitchens and indoor pools in Jewett, barn conversions and lavish lofted ceilings in Lexington, high-end homes in Hunter, restaurants near and far and even “Tiny Homes.”

In other words, I’ve been photographing the sorts of lodge homes and decor I see now on the rental market for years.

Perhaps you’ve got a one-of-a-kind rental, like this Caboose in Windham.

Perhaps it’s the near-lake views at your Tannersville Rental we need to showcase.

Maybe you’re flipping a farm house in Fleischmanns, or a modern home in Margaretville.

Whatever the case, proper pictures will make the difference.

Ever see one of those home renovations shows where they bring in a stager at the end, right before the open house? Folks need to visualize themselves in the space.  That may mean taking down the family photos (that really have no place in a rental property) or putting out the fuzzy throw, and lighting the fireplace before clicking the shutter.

Don’t worry, we’ll work together to make your space look as inviting as possible for a gallery of photos that will tell its story – just like we tell human stories at weddings and family reunions.

Thanks for reading. Reach out, if I can be of any help. You can also find, follow & like Jonathan Ment Photography on Facebook  and at www.catskillsphotographer.com and check out the broad-topic’d “Observational Ramblings” of the Ment Media Group’s “Business Blog.”

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