A client that hired me to photograph his family reunion recently emailed about a much more intimate assignment – as videographer for an oral history project.

I’ve been a videographer for years, everything from weddings to lectures and corporate content – naturally I was interested.

Family stories shared at the reunion, I believe, gave him the idea of recording them for posterity and to share with family for the holidays.

This combined my love of history, biography and family.

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We traveled to Maine, where he’d grown up and interviewed an uncle with a handful of others over the course of two days. They remembered me from the reunion, and treated me like family. We stayed at their hotel, the Trade Winds Inn.

In-between recording family stories and enjoying family meals, I found a few minutes to visit one of Maine’s many lighthouses. The next day I dropped by the Maine Lighthouse Museum.

DSCF2920_wmAlways have loved lighthouses. No two are the same. They can be tall or small. Towers or shaped like houses. They’re by design solitary, stalwart – much like the uncle.

Years ago I worked on a documentary and visited Maine to interview Ken Black and video parts of his collection. As it turned out, I’d been to Rockland, ME before and this was the same collection. While I was there, I also recorded several ‘lights’ from the ocean aboard a metal bottomed boat that I confess didn’t agree with me.

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These are some shots I captured during my recent visit to the Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light. I’m planning to dig out the old footage, which never saw the light of day, and see what sort of updated project might be made with it.

Stay tuned.

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