Wedding Photography, Easy Going…

Perhaps I’ve mentioned before; I’m not a ‘factory wedding photographer.’ For years I’ve said it, and I’ve always believed it. “Every individual and every subject is one of a kind.”   You’re not like everyone else, the story of how you met isn’t like everyone else’s story and your wedding won’t be like everyone else’s … Continue reading Wedding Photography, Easy Going…

Rust & Dust

On a recent drive with the missus, upon arriving at the first stop sign I leaned over to my wife and asked ‘which way should we go?’ There are two main ways to get to where we were headed. Both paths have been taken many times but one is a little quicker. “Why don’t we … Continue reading Rust & Dust

Woa! That’s a lotta Smiles!

The initial contact for the shoot was an inquiry for a large group photo. Turns out, it was a sort of family reunion and 60th birthday, and the client and I agreed when you’ve got that many family members in one place – better to set up more than just a single group photo. I … Continue reading Woa! That’s a lotta Smiles!