On a recent drive with the missus, upon arriving at the first stop sign I leaned over to my wife and asked ‘which way should we go?’

There are two main ways to get to where we were headed. Both paths have been taken many times but one is a little quicker.

“Why don’t we go one way, and come back the other,” she said.

We took the route less traveled on the way out.

It was a solid, easy suggestion indeed. Though, privately I’d decided to take the route less traveled both ways – having recently motored the other – too many times.

It was a pleasant drive in the country, the day was a good one and on the way home, in spite of my earlier resolve, I again asked the question.

Fortunately, there was another option; what I call the ‘squirrel route.’ I don’t usually think of it.

This path is closest a truly shortest distance between where we were and home, but as any crow knows flying is faster than driving.

Still, it’s a nice change of scenery.

I’m not certain I’d ever gone this way with Jennifer – and she knew a variation.

It brought us past a series of magnificent neglected old farms. I’ve got to go back.

A massive structure, I would shoot from every angle inside and out after obtaining permission, naturally…




The ubiquitous West-Nile Farm.


The view from the tire pile. Wasted on such a derelict property?


Unique silo. I wish I could clear the brush all around it and shoot in depth.


20170420_145455_newThe sign atop this post was mounted on a barn I could spend another day or two with.

All around the property there were collapsed structures and rusting hulks in the weeds.

Though barn weddings (and barn wedding photography) are gaining popularity, I think a tent would be needed in this neck of the woods – though these make for interesting backdrops.

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